Chartered Institute of Financial and Investment Analysts, Nigeria (CIFIAN) offers the following categories of Membership. These are:

  • Honorary Fellow
  • Fellow
  • Full-Member
  • Associate
  • Affiliate
  • Corporate Membership

Membership is based on prescribed qualifications as approved by the Governing Council as well as other conditions and terms of the Institute. To find out more about registration requirements contact +2348069786225,+2347038331275 or send

Becoming a member

Membership of the Institute is opened to applicants who must be graduates at HND, B.Sc, professional qualifications or equivalents with fulfillment of practical experience shall be admitted in a manner recognized / approved by the council. DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM HERE

The rights and obligations of members shall be:

(1) The use of the designatory letters depending on your grade of membership A,cfia for Associate, M,cfia for Full member and F,cfia for Fellow

(2) Right of conferment with membership status, certificate of membership and issuance of practicing license to set up Professional practice provided the stipulated requirements are met

3) Right to freely receive the Institute’s journals and other publications which are of interest to members (if published) and any other information or to participate in institute’s activities as it may warrant.

4) Right to vote and be voted for during elections.

5) Right to use institute’s library.

6) Any other rights and benefits, accruable and be determined fit by the council

Obligations of members to the Institute:

(1) To uphold at all times integrity of the institute’s mandates, visions and objectives.

2) To be a worthy ambassador wherever and whenever.

3) To pay up all dues payable to the Institute without delay.

4) To update their knowledge and skills through attendance of Institute’s seminars, workshops and   conferences.

5) To act in conformity to guidelines issued by the institute for the benefit of members.

6) To avoid defamatory statements or attitudes inimical to progress of the Institute.

Membership Upgrade & Recertification

To upgrade your membership, Download upgrade Form

For re-certification, Download Re-certification Form