Distinction Of Analyst

The Practice of this Profession is highly technical, it requires an outstanding knowledge to appraise, research ,evaluate critically investment trends, factors, policies and environments before arriving at decision. However, the profession takes its folds of expert from but distinct from Accounting, Economics, Banking, Stock dealers etc. The core area of financial and investment profession is not limited, is to oversee the whole of economic gamut with a view to outlay proper direction for economic prosperity.

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We are fully recognized

The Professional and Examination Body recognized by law of Federal Republic of Nigeria and other statutory Institutions regulating the formation of the like Institute (HB 295-PASSED) CIFIAN enjoys every rights, privileges and legal backing which other institutes enjoy.

Our Working Processing 3 steps

Our operational concern spans through the underlisted areas, ensuring qualitative delivery, total human capital development relevant in current global trends.

Membership / Certification

Enrolling through Direct Membership Conversion and required Examinations

Total Development

High impact professional courses (METAD), Seminars, Open conferences and other tailored training programs to meet individual needs.

Delivery on Professional Services/Networking

International Conferencing Strategic Educational Research Consultancy/Advisory services Job Placement/Industrial Linkage Business Referrals/Recommendation

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