Re-invigorating Sustainable Intra-Regional Trade and Investment:The Future of Nigeria Revenue System. Paper Prepared By ‘Yele A. Idowu, PhD, F,CFIA. INTRODUCTION Nigeria is a nation bestowed with vast human and natural resources with oil exports accounting for about 95% of foreign-exchange income and some 80% of government income, with a population of about 200 million. Despite its enormous
Rationale: In stimulating sound financial investment knowledge and professionalism, the institute is proposing educational tour/conference for its teaming members and the interested public. A platform created for members to learn, participate in business simulation, investment knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas  with financial and investment counterparts, whereby participants and members across the African continent shall
THEME: Economics of INNOVATIVE INVESTMENT and Research Date: 1st-7TH August 2016, Venue: Country Inn & Suites Long Island City 40-34 Crescent Street, Long Island City, New York (NY), United States 11101 Program Overview: This is an open conference/ tour, structured to provide attendees and members with broad knowledge on Innovation economics, as a theory that
Invitation/ Symposium Synopsis: In view of the current economic mode, re- evaluation is important with the intention of recommending institutional changes if, when and where necessary. The institute is setting up a quasi platform for an open discussion on the nation’s economy ,taking a pathway on the theme of this symposium ‘’ Economic Recovery: Review